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Best Tips for a better stamina

Smooth Pedaling Want to cycle faster and go uphill better? Pay attention to your pedaling technique. Your goal should be to pedal in a smooth circle, applying pressure evenly throughout the rotation. Many of us carry over a bad habit from our childhood – pushing hard on the downstroke – and this interferes with our …

SweatClub Malaysia

SweatClub Malaysia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gold IS Berhad. SweatClub Malaysia operates three premier fitness centres in the Klang Valley. The first located in MiCasa Hotel Apartments, opened in October 1989. Our second centre, with a floor space of 14,000 square feet, opened at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel in 1996. The third centre …

Sweat Club Happenings

Men’s Health Magazine Launch Recently, at the launch of its inaugural Malaysian issue of Men’s Health, Sweat Club trainers were invited to perform a number at the podium to bring a roaring experience to the launch at Bar Ibiza. Complementing their concept of health and fitness, the magazine serves as a good guide to the …


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