Pelabur Bijak Kebangsaan Seminar


Campaign background

The SC, through its educational arm Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) is embarking on a 6-month nationwide “Kempen Pelabur Bijak Kebangsaan”(KPBK) beginning October 2012 to reach out to over 1.5 million new and potential investors.


According to a study by Global Nielsen on investor behaviour, two out of five Malaysians invest in various investment products. Of this number, 67 percent invest in unit trust investment schemes, 49 percent in the stock market, 27 percent in gold, silver or commodity investment schemes, 25 percent in structured investments, 15 percent in foreign exchange investments, 10 percent in bonds and 8 percent in derivatives. These statistics prove that Malaysians are becoming more interested in generating profits or dividends via investing in the various products and services available in the Malaysian Capital Market.

The same study also revealed that 43 percent of Malaysians make their investment decisions without consultation while 21 percent preferred to seek advice from friends, family or co-workers. Only 1 in 10 Malaysians relied on investment tips or advice from analysts, professionals or spokespersons from television or radio stations and the Internet while another six percent relied on their own instincts.

Hence, the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) as the training and education arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia initiated the "Kempen Pelabur Bijak Kebangsaan 2012-2013" (KPBK). The campaign aims to create awareness and educate among the public on wise investing in the capital market.


In addition to creating awareness and educating the public on wise investing in the capital market, it will also emphasise investors' rights and responsibilities as well as identifying and avoiding illegal investment schemes/scams.

Programme Content

In this programme, participants will be able to identify:

  1. What is an investment
  2. The importance of investing
  3. Investment products available in the Malaysian capital market
  4. Guide to wise investing
  5. The rights and responsibilities of an investor
  6. Characteristics of illegal investment schemes/scams
  7. How to seek redress and lodge complaints

Learning Methods

  1. Seminar and discussions
  2. Quizzes, games and question and answer sessions



4 hours