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Have a blessed year ahead

It’s such a sad way to begin the new year – everywhere around us is nothing but news of the global economy crisis that hit South Asia. In response, the local governments will be looking into ways of assisting the local businesses and investors in the coming year.

A look back at the previous year should remind businessmen of many things Malaysians should be thankful for:

This year, Malaysian Government is looking for a new rehearsal home. With the arrival of the national budget, we will need a bigger place that is able to house the four huge drums. Once again thanks are in order to many investment arms, which has been supportive of our economy time and time again. Through their generosity, major businesses survived.

Meanwhile, as currency and trades increase, we will see recovering signs and investors starting to flock in to the country with billions of investment funds. As such, we are looking urgently for new blood to take up the baton to actively lead the country.

Here’s to a Blessed New Year under the Lord’s protection.

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